Booming Metros

Job markets and real estate costs can vastly differ throughout the United States. Some cities are struggling to find enough qualified workers to fill their jobs while others simply do not have any top-notch jobs available. This is forcing a lot of people to move across the country in order to maintain their desired lifestyle. These are four big metro cities that are perfect for anyone looking to get a better life by moving to a new area.

Charleston, South Carolina

The city of Charleston is best known as a popular tourist attraction, but it is actually attracting more out-of-state home buyers than anywhere else in the country right now. South Carolina’s low tax rates and business-friendly laws has created a booming job market in Charleston. The housing market has also not caught up with the demand yet, so new homes are still extremely affordable in the city.

Boise, Idaho

With real estate costs skyrocketing on the West Coast, a lot of new tech companies are moving their headquarters to Boise. This has resulted in a near-nonexistent unemployment rate in the city. Housing costs in Boise are a little higher than average when compared to the rest of the country, but they are still significantly lower than anything you will find in California. The low-key setting of Boise is perfect for anyone looking to reduce the stress in their life.

Tucson, Arizona

While the entire state of Arizona is booming right now, Tucson has been the most attractive city for out-of-town home buyers. Just like the rest of the state, Tucson has an extremely affordable housing market. It is very easy to buy a huge house on an average income. Tucson is also an attractive destination because it is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Anyone that enjoys spending time outdoors will absolutely love living in Tucson.

Portland, Maine

Portland is another city with a booming job market that is struggling to find enough qualified workers. The city’s remote location and cold winters do not appeal to everyone, but they are perfect for anyone looking to move out of New York, Boston and other expensive cities in the Northeast. Moving to Portland provides a huge savings on real estate in an idyllic location on the ocean.

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